Since the 16th century our family has lived and worked in this land of Carmignano with the dedication that we have passed down over time to the new generations, so that they can remember and respect what nature has given us.

The art of winemaking has always been our commintment, our mission, which grandparents Luigi and Maria Beatrice, sons Maria Pia, Claudia, Luigi, and grandchildren Elisabetta, Gabriele and Matilde have always cherished.

Our family history represents our heritage today, a the story of passion and dedication in enhancing the resources of a particularly suitable territory.

Since 1578 our family has taken care tenaciously and confidently of the products of a generous and unique land, in Tuscany, where centuries-old vines and olive trees coexist in an aesthetic combination of great emotional impact. Our wines, our oil and our grappa tell a past and a present made of memory, traditions and techniques, which enhance the potential of nature and the human work.

The bond of these experiences is our strength and we are proud to make it shared.

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